Pet Resources

Kerr County

Cailloux Humane Society – 830.367.7722

Freeman Fritts– 830.257.4500

Kerr County Animal Services– 830.257.3100

Pets Supplies Plus (Cats)– 830.257.2120

Texas Round Up Animal Alliance– 830.955.2670

LINK: Adopting a dog – Helpful information

Hogemeyer Animal Clinic – 830.896.6507

Ark Veterinary Clinic 830.257.6949

Kerrville Vet Clinic – (Emergency services after hours) 830.895.5533

Town and Country Vet Clinic – (Emergency services after hours) 830.367.5316

Tele Triage Line – 512.765.9009
There is a prompt to determine if you would like to speak to someone. If you select that option, you are taken to a licensed veterinary technician that can provide basic triage information.

Freeman Fritts Clinic – 830.357.4500

Mission Vet
Address: 8202 N Loop 1604 W, San Antonio, TX 78249
Phone: (210) 737-7373

Blue Pearl
Address: 503 E Sonterra Blvd Suite 102, San Antonio, TX 78258
Phone: (210) 930-8383

Animal Emergency Hospital
Address: 826 Johns Rd, Boerne, TX 78006
Phone: (830) 510-3338

Bark Avenue Pet Spa– 830.792.0808

Boney and Claude’s Pooch Salon– 830.276.7608

Freeman Fritts – 830.257.4500

Grooviest Groomer – 830.377.0092

Pet Supplies Plus – 830.257.2120

Freeman Fritts – 830.257.4500

Kerrville Vet Clinic – 830.895.5533

Texas Round up Animal Alliance (Dogs Only) – 830.955.2670

Hogemeyer Animal Clinic – 830.896.6507

Kerrville Pet Sitters – 830.370.7849

Cowabunga Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers – 830.484.4405

Louise Hays Dog Park – 202 Thompson Drive (Behind small HEB)

Singing Winds Dog Parks – 2112 -2116 Singing Winds (Baseball Fields)

Flat Rock off leash dog park on river (no fences) – 3803 -3999 Riverside Drive

Wildlife & Livestock Information

KPA! and Kerr County Animal Services often receives calls regarding abandoned or injured wildlife. First of all, be safe. Wounded and scared animals can be harmful and some may be rabies carriers. The best contacts for information and care of wildlife in our area are:

  • Kendalia Wildlife Rescue in Boerne 830.336.2725
  • Buck Wild in Ingram 830.739.1363
  • Freeman Fritts in Kerrville 830.257.4500

If you see an injured DEER, either consult with Kendalia Rescue or contact law enforcement to put the animal down to avoid suffering.

If you find a newborn deer, leave it alone unless it looks wounded. Mother deer sometimes leave babies for several hours at a time to feed.

White-tail deer are protected by the State of Texas, so take care when handling. Young deer are extremely powerful and can cause harm.

Questions about Deer and Illegal Hunting can be directed to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Game Warden.

If you find stray LIVESTOCK, contact the Kerr County Sheriff’s Office

Animal Cruelty Information

If you need to report animal cruelty or you witness an animal in distress, please contact The Kerr County Sheriff’s Office if in the County or The Kerrville Police Department if in the City.

Contact Kerr County Animal Services as well, 830.257.3100.

Lost and Found Pet Information

If you have a found a pet, contact Kerr County Animal Services. 830.257.3100. If they are closed (lunch and weekends,) contact the Kerr County Sheriff’s Office if in the County and The Kerrville Police Department if in the City.

If you have lost a pet, contact Kerr County Animal Services to let them know and visit in person to see if your pet is there. 830.257.3100, 3500 Loop 534 in Kerrville.  They also post found pets on their Facebook page.

You can also post your pet as missing on Kerr County Lost and Found Pets, Kerrville Lost and Found Pets, Lost Pets of Kerrville and Kerrville Breaking News Facebook Pages.

Post flyers with a photo of your pet and your contact information in the area where your pet was last seen and where they might be going if say, you moved from  another location.

Run a FREE lost pet ad in the Kerrville Daily Times or Hill Country Community Journal.

Post flyers and call area veterinary offices to find out if your pet has been injured and taken there.

Pet Rehoming Information

If you are in a situation where you must rehome a pet, try and reach out to a KPA! representative first if time allows.

There might be resources available to help you keep your pet.

Ask friends and family for help

Contact area rescues and shelters that may be able to take your pet in such as The Cailloux Humane Society, Freeman Fritts or Texas Roundup Animal Alliance (Dogs only).

Do a web search of rescues that also may be able to help you with your pet.

Make great flyers with your pet’s photos, important information and place them at Kerr County Animal Control, shelters, vet offices, convenience stores and more. Make sure you interview adopters and ask for a rehoming fee.

You can also post your pet rehoming need on the lost and found pet Facebook pages and well as the Kerrville Pets Alive Pet Rehoming Assistance Facebook Page.

Rehoming Assistance for Kerr County