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Kerrville Pets Alive! facilitates pet adoptions at Kerr County Animal Services located at 3600 Loop 534 in Kerrville. Adoptable pets may be viewed on their Facebook page. The fee to adopt an intact pet (not spayed or neutered) is $50. The adoption fee is discounted if the pet is already sterilized upon adoption. The fee applies toward spay / neuter surgery and includes a microchip, county registration and Rabies Vaccination. KCAS is open Monday through Friday from 8am to Noon and 1pm to 5pm. Watch for quarterly Saturday KCAS / KPA! adoption events in the news and on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

We also feature adoptable KCAS pets on our social media pages. KPA! directs potential adopters that do not find the right pet match at KCAS are directed to our partner shelters or rescues listed here.

Barn Cat Adoptions

Kerr County Animal Services takes in thousands of animals annually. Many of those are cats that have been trapped by someone who considered them a nuisance. Some are friendly however, many have not had any human exposure. These particular cats are not social and like to be left alone. We call them “working cats.” They are wonderful at controlling rodents and require little care. KPA! funds their vaccinations and spay and neuter surgeries. There is no adoption fee however, a donation is appreciated.

If you have a property, barn or warehouse that could benefit from the services of a working cat, please contact us at